Friday, March 21, 2008

The Easter Thing...

Easter is coming, and I must say it is turning out to be my favorite holiday. This is the one holiday that has a tradition Thomas really enjoys participating in. Of course he likes the present aspect of Christmas, but he won't help decorate the tree or bake cookies. Halloween I can put him in a costume and roll him around town, but he doesn't really care for the candy that much and doesn't understand what is going on. With Easter I have discovered for the second year in a row that Thomas loves to color eggs. Finally a traditional holiday activity that he actively participates in and thoroughly enjoys!

Last Easter I vividly remember Thomas putting the eggs into the coloring cups, using his hands to add them to the cups and take them out. I remember the single egg, left uncolored, because Thomas wouldn't let anyone dip it into the coloring. I remember the green hands that lasted for days and days. But mostly I remember the giggles, the laughter, the look of pure joy on his face as he dropped those eggs into the cups and gleefully pulled them back out.

This year I anticipated major disapointment on my part. Dare I hope that Thomas would want to participate in the egg coloring two years in a row? It was a slow start. Thomas was unhappy that I cleared away his mealtime items, his sippy cup and books. He wasn't sure what to do with the newspaper I placed in front of him. When I placed an egg in his hand he tried to give it back. I began to feel that bitter edge of disapointment I had hoped wouldn't come. And then, suddenly he decided to participate. He stuck those little hands in the cups, placing one egg after another into the same cup, stacking them until he couldn't stack them any higher. It was so cute, and such a wonderful surprise!

Sometimes Thomas just seems to know when mommy needs a reminder of what a miracle he is. I admit I need a gentle nudge now and again to look at the bright side of life and stop feeling sorry for myself, and to think about what all this boy of mine CAN do, instead of feeling sad about what he can't.