Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Proposition Two

The people of Michigan have spoken. Majority rules and so, it is with great relief and pleasure that I can say Proposition Two has passed!

For those not living in Michigan, Proposition Two made it legal to use embryonic stem cells for research. There are strict regulations on this research, such as the embryo must be one which the people who "own" it have decide not to use it and it will otherwise be discarded. Also, it must be less than a certain number of days old before being frozen. Also the "owners" will have to sign a consent form for researchers to use their embryo's.

I realize this is a controversial issue. Pro-life people think it is as bad as abortion. I am not going to get into that. What I am going to get into is the potential this research has in curing disease's that as of now are incurable. Stem cells have the potential to treat and cure Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Diabetes, Heart problems, CEREBRAL PALSY, and the list goes on and on.

My husband and I are actually going to bank the cord blood stem cells from our new baby and have them injected into Thomas. I have heard stories of children like Thomas, who could not walk or talk, receiving stem cell injections and actually growing brain tissue. The result: they can now walk and talk. Such a simple thing to do, a painless procedure, that can mean so much to a little boy who doesn't yet know that he is different, and a family who knows how hard life is going to be for him.

So thank you to all in Michigan who voted yes. Controversy aside, this research could save and improve millions of lives. Including that of my little boy.

A lot of NEWS!

I have woefully been neglecting my blog. I admit it. However there has been a lot going on around here to keep me busy.

Thomas has completed 8 weeks of pt/ot and is working through his second 12 week session of speech therapy! After all these years of fighting with insurance companies we finally have one that was willing to give speech a chance. They approved 12 visits, and his progress was so good they approved an additional 12. Now, he's still not speaking, not even a single word, but he is comprehending, understanding, following directions, pointing, and making his wants and needs known. It is a huge accomplishment and I am so proud of him!!

We also just received a new set of AFO's, nighttime splints, and a pair of Hatchback shoes for my growing boy. The splints were covered 100% between our two insurances, the Hatchbacks were out of pocket. $65 well spent I would have to say. If you haven't heard of Hatchbacks, they are a pretty neat shoe that actually can be semi-bent to fold open at the sole so they are easier to put on. They are a little wider than regular shoes as well to fit over afo's.

On the momofthomas front, I started a new job. It is a wonderful position in which I help mentally and physically handicapped people to be able to use their computer for fun, work, school, etc. I go to their homes, install hardware and software which makes it easier for them to use their computers. I also teach them different software programs to help with everyday skills they need to get through the day (reading, math, etc). It is a very rewarding job, and the pay is great, but the best part is I can make my own schedule. I work only while Thomas is in school and am home to get him off the bus. I love it! That is the main reason my time here has been limited and some online friends are feeling neglected.

And possibly the biggest news of all: We are expecting a sibling (or maybe two!) for Thomas! Soon I will be momofthomas&____________! I am almost 12 weeks along, my due date is May 30, 2009. At my early ultrasound (I had spotting so they did an ultrasound) they discovered TWO fetal poles! The doctor says there is a chance one of the twins will be what is known as a "vanishing twin". However, at not quite 12 weeks I have already outgrown my regular jeans, even though I have lost 2 pounds. Either it's twins in there, or Godzilla. LOL

I'll post more about my pregnancy later. The doc thinks I have what is known as either a uterine septate or a bicornuate uterus. I have an appointment with a specialist next Thursday to find out more. I'll try my hardest to get back here and update y'all on my progress.