Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Proposition Two

The people of Michigan have spoken. Majority rules and so, it is with great relief and pleasure that I can say Proposition Two has passed!

For those not living in Michigan, Proposition Two made it legal to use embryonic stem cells for research. There are strict regulations on this research, such as the embryo must be one which the people who "own" it have decide not to use it and it will otherwise be discarded. Also, it must be less than a certain number of days old before being frozen. Also the "owners" will have to sign a consent form for researchers to use their embryo's.

I realize this is a controversial issue. Pro-life people think it is as bad as abortion. I am not going to get into that. What I am going to get into is the potential this research has in curing disease's that as of now are incurable. Stem cells have the potential to treat and cure Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Diabetes, Heart problems, CEREBRAL PALSY, and the list goes on and on.

My husband and I are actually going to bank the cord blood stem cells from our new baby and have them injected into Thomas. I have heard stories of children like Thomas, who could not walk or talk, receiving stem cell injections and actually growing brain tissue. The result: they can now walk and talk. Such a simple thing to do, a painless procedure, that can mean so much to a little boy who doesn't yet know that he is different, and a family who knows how hard life is going to be for him.

So thank you to all in Michigan who voted yes. Controversy aside, this research could save and improve millions of lives. Including that of my little boy.


Holly Anderson said...

Wahoo! Back to blogging! That's awesome to hear about the speech and insurance!

I'm so glad you have that new job. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the cord blood banking, that's awesome that you'll be able to use it to help Thomas!

In case it's of use, here's a coupon for $250 off cord blood banking:

Also you might consider setting up an online gift registry through CBR or whomever you're working with so family and friends (and blog readers) can contribute and help with the expense.