Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Vacation

I must say, I am enjoying my summer "vactation". Although it was kind of forced upon me with the absence of our babysitter, I have embraced the time off and been pretty productive with my time.

Thomas is enjoying have his mom home every day. Sometimes he will even work with me on learning to identify shapes. Mostly we just hang out. He loves to come back to my home office and play around while I work on web sites. Occasionally he crawls on my lap and types emails to his grandmas. I'm not sure which language he is using, but they seem to be able to interpret them pretty easily.

Meanwhile I am quite busy with my web design business. I was hired to do another site that could lead to many more, I completed a site I had in progress, and did updates to another. Now I am just waiting on my clients to send me my money. My business is in the black which is great! I won't be able to support my family with it anytime soon but it's a good start. Now that I'm home I have more time to learn some new programs that will eventually make my job easier.

So all in all losing our sitter turned out not to be so bad. I've even managed to squirrel away some money into our savings account! Go figure! I manage to save more money when I'm not working than I did when I was.

It might not be so bad...

Saturday Thomas goes for another round of botox injections. Do you know what that means? it means I managed to win against an insurance company for a change! He gets to go to the same botox doctor that he has been going to for almost two years now.


Turns out that the insurance company is letting us go to him under the "continuity of care" clause. However I found out they actually don't have a pediatric physiatrist signed up with them, so they really had no choice. Now they are trying to recruit our guy to be one of their members. Whatever the reason, we'll take it. Such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders with this decision.

Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts you all have sent out for us over this situation. They are much appreciated.