Friday, May 22, 2009


My Handsome First Son What's in here?

T and his silly self trying on his safety glasses:

Jacob, the little sweetheart!

Sleeping, it's what he does all day.


The past 5 months in a nutshell...

Well what's been going on in the past five months? LOTS!

1. Thomas turned SIX and had a fabulous birthday party with a bunch of our family friends. He got way too many presents and our house is overrun with all of his toys. Books were (and are) still his favorite items to receive, but he also really liked the "power tools" he got from Grandma Sue.

2. On Thomas' birthday I went to the doctor and was put on bedrest. Turns out my cervix was "funneling" and so I was ordered off my feet as much as possible. I was allowed to continue working, which helped to make the days more bearable.

3. Thomas now knows the entire alphabet. He can identify every letter upon request in any order. He is using his PECS (picture cards) to let us know what he wants (such as orange juice or chocolate milk) and can use them to make complete sentences (such as "I want to go outside please").

4. Thomas now can do the sign for YES. He does it in his own way, which is close to the correct way. He's been doing it for months but I only learned yesterday that he meant YES when he does it. Even so it has made life a lot easier in just the few hours I've known what it means. He picked out where we should go to lunch yesterday using yes and no, and when I asked if he loved me he said yes!

5. Toward the end of my pregnancy (the last three weeks) I was put on complete bed rest. That meant no more going to work, no lifting, no anything. It sucked! I spent a week in the hospital trying to stop labor, and it worked. I managed to keep the baby baking until 35 weeks and 6 days.

6. Jacob Gary was born on April 30, 2009 at 4:49 a.m. He was 6 lbs 0 oz and 19.5 inches. I had another quick labor. My water broke at 2:30 a.m. and contractions started immediately after (every 2 minutes). Jacob came out at the hospital, delivered by my own doctor, after just three pushes. He is now three weeks and 1 day old and doing great. He came home with a bit of jaundice one day after I was released. He had a billi-blanket for just one day and is doing great. Thomas loves him, and has pleasantly surprised us with how little jealousy he shows and how much he seems to like Jacob.

And that's all the major things. During my stint on bedrest Thomas and daddy did lots of bonding and now have a really close relationship. Thomas also became more social due to all the visitors we had here helping out, especially my sister and my mom who spent the most time here helping.

I'll attach some pictures in a seperate post.

Lost Password Recovered

Hi all! I have to apologize for the huge amount of time that has passed since my last blog entry! I had forgotten my password and in the craziness that is life just had no time to spend worrying about it. But I've got it now and plan to try to post regularly once again.

Thanks for your patience. :o)