Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Yesterday Thomas got new shoes. It doesn't sound very exciting to say it like that, but I was thrilled to go to the therapy appointment where we met up with his orthotics provider. Waiting there for Thomas were a pair of very special shoes, made specifically to fit over his AFO's (leg braces). For once we didn't have to buy shoes three sizes too big just to fit them over his braces. For once the velcro straps were extra long so that when the shoes were over his braces the velcro could actually be closed up. For once he won't be hindered in his walking endeavors by a shoe that is two inches too long and the constant fear of tripping over his own extended toes.

So yes, new shoes ARE exciting! It was like, for one perfect moment, all was right with the world. There was one less battle to fight, one less war to wage, one less weight added to this mom's shoulders. All because of a thing as simple as a pair of special shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mom of Thomas,
What a super Blog you have going. Would definitiely recommend your blog to anyone I knew who was facing similar situations with a special child.
You have a wonderful way of expressing your feelings for Thomas, and also as a Mom.
You are very witty, realistic and loving in the way you share your experiences.
Keep it going. You never know when someone who really needs your experience and support may tune in.
Best wishes to you & Thomas.
P. S. now I have read all of it and wonder what I missed by not checking your Blog soooner!