Saturday, February 16, 2008

I helped take down the cupboards...

With the return of our income taxes my hubby and I decided to replace our old worn down cabinets. We ordered them and ended up getting one back that was not quite right. We decided to get the project underway with the cabinets we did have.
I emptied the two cabinets we would need to take down. Hubby removed one cabinet and then went out to the garage to get a 2X4. While he was gone I thought "why don't I take down the other cabinet for him and it'll be a nice surprise?" So I get two screws out and then the head breaks off the third one. No problem, that happened to hubby too and he just yanked on it a bit to get it off.
I start to yank. The cupboard next to the one I was working on began moving too. As I continued, a little more cautiously, I decided to just wiggle it back and forth instead of yanking on it. Well, I forgot that two years ago when we were putting up a new ceiling hubby just tacked the cabinets up onto a single 2X4, because when he did that it was a "temporary-fix". So, unbeknownst to me, as I am jiggling and wiggling and pulling on this single cabinet, all the rest are getting it too.

Did I mention I hadn't cleared out the cabinets that were supposed to stay up?
Anyway, next thing I know ALL the cabinets are crashing down. I'm on a step stool trying to hold up the end I have been working on, the middle is caught on a little shelf on the wall, the others are just pouring out their contents. All I hear is shattering glass. Hubby is still out in the garage. So I stand there, because if I move the cabinets will definately fall completely down, and the door that is being held shut by my body will also lose it's contents. I stand there waiting for hubby to come back, and yet I'm hoping he never does. LOL

He comes back and I start yelling for him to come into the kitchen. tick tock tick tock tick tock... "Ummmm honey, could you hurry?"

"I am"

"Yeah, I need you to hurry a little faster!"

The look on his face when he walked into the kitchen was priceless. But to his credit he didn't yell or give me a hard time. I think he was in too much shock. He came over and helped me get the cabinets down (losing more glasses and other stuff in the process). Then he sat down and just stared at the floor. Meanwhile I am stuck on this stool in my stocking feet unable to move for the shards of shattered glass all around me. So after a gentle prompting, he got me some slippers. He even helped with clean up.

The floor, which was also replaced just over three years ago with a wood laminate, is scarred and gauged beyond repair. I'm thinking a nice area rug for the kitchen has now become a necessity.

So yeah, lesson learned here: ME + power tools + construction projects = DISASTER!

**note: Thomas was in his chair at the Kitchen table out of harms way when this happened!**

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Julie said... Well I guess you get to buy new glasses now???