Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Hate Insurance Companies





There, I said it. Now tell me any of you out there disagree with that comment, I would find it hard to believe. Recently my husband's employer decided to switch insurance companies. This meant I had to find a new pediatrician for Thomas and had to wait and worry if all of his specialists would be covered. Luckily they almost all are. All but one to be exact.

Unfortunately that one is the one I most wanted to keep. He is Thomas' physiatrist, in charge of managing his cerebral palsy. He is the second one we have gone to see and the only one we ever want to see again. This guy can deliver a dozen injections of botox in Thomas' legs without Thomas even shedding a single tear! He agrees with me, so far, on everything. We have the same views on treatment and on how I should let Thomas live his life.

I cannot give him up. I won't. I'll take out a loan, remortgage my house if I have to. In a world of so-so doctors who may or may not actually know what they are doing, this one is genuinely knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the latest treatment options. He travels across the globe to gain this knowledge. And now my insurance company won't cover him.

I. Hate. Insurance. Companies.

There is hope. I can possibly keep him under a "continuity of care" clause in which the insurance company will allow Thomas to continue seeing this doctor based on their history together. I'm nervous because it has been only 13 months since we found him, I don't know if that is long enough. Another loophole could be if there are no other physiatrists near enough who will accept pediatric cases. If I remember correctly there aren't any others around, except our old one who, when giving Thomas his botox injections upon which Thomas would cry his little heart out, would say "stop being a baby!" Ummm, hello?!? HE IS A BABY!

So, those of you who pray, those of you who meditate, those of you who sacrifice chickens or other livestock, please do what you must so we can keep our beloved Dr. Dabrowski!


Diane said...

Well, I don't sacrifice chickens - I usually buy them already processed. But I do wish you and Thomas the best of luck! I love your blog! You are a very good writer - remember that if you ever need to find something to do with your time! ~~Diane

Vila said...

Great work.