Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back to School

It's back to school time. Thomas was taken by surprise and was not happy about this change to his daily routine, which consisted of waking up when he wanted and relaxing in bed until he felt like getting out of it. It was a shock on the first morning when I had to wake him and instead of lounging in his pj's he had to get dressed and head out the door.

He broke my heart with his tears, which lasted until he saw the bus. Thankfully he loves school busses and was almost excited to see it. Once he and his stroller were on the lift heading up to the bus, he had stopped crying. When I got to the school with his personal supplies he'd need he had already arrived. His teacher said he wasn't neccesarily happy to be there, but he wasn't crying either.

Day two went a little better. I was better prepared for this morning, with a brand new book he could take with him on the bus. He cried when I got him dressed, cried when I rolled him outside, but slowly became all smiles when I pulled out that book.

When he got home I had to put him right in the car and take him to a pt/ot evaluation, but before we got there I took him to Goodwill and we bought probably 25 new-to-us books to help make the next month or two of mornings go as smoothly as day two.

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Holly said...

Starting back is hard, isn't it? I'm glad he's getting the hang of it again. Good idea on the books!!!

You're such a great mama. :-)