Monday, September 10, 2007

The First Day of School

Tuesday, September 4th was the first day of school. What a change from last year for mom. I was actually looking forward to it this year. It went surprisingly smooth. Thomas, as usual, cried when I got him dressed. He always does that because he hates to leave the house. I can't say as I blame him since he normally is off to a doctor or therapist where he is poked, prodded, man-handled, and whatever else they do to torture the poor kid. Once he was dressed I wheeled in the stroller and he stopped crying. I don't normally wheel in the stroller unless it is a school day, and I think he knew that even though he had a three month break to try to forget. He happily sat in the stroller for a few minutes before we headed outside. Once outside he patiently waited with his headphones blasting the Wiggles, a book in his lap, and a sucker in his mouth.With the bus I expected tears, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not a single tear. No whining, no crying, no frowny-face, nothing. No smile either, but hey, anything is better than tears.

Thomas is going to the same school as last year, same bus driver, same teacher, same classroom, different classmates.

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