Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Greatest Wish

I hate to put the cart before the horse, as the saying goes, but I am pretty sure that someday soon Thomas is going to clearly and meaningfully say the one word I have been waiting to hear. He is soooo close to saying it. He starts off with the "M" sound and gets the "ah" going after it, but just won't repeat it to form the word I have been dying to hear uttered from those precious lips.

Honestly I'd love to hear him say anything at all, but for his first word to be "mama" would be the absolute most wonderful thing. I have waited and waited and waited for that day, the day he speaks. I am still waiting. But I think it is coming. He is soooo close. Today he really teased me with it. Several times he would say "Ma" only to end it there. I'm fairly certain he means to say "mama" and that he knows that is me, but until I know without a doubt that is what he means I am not going to count it.

I am hoping for a true "mama" for Christmas. Thomas seems to do something spectacular just before Christmas every year. Two years ago he started to use his walker. Last year he learned to crawl. (Yeah, I know, wrong order of doing things, but we do things on 'Thomas Time' not everyday boring average people time)

So this year for Christmas I am wishing for speech. One word would be fine. Any word. I'm not picky. Just a single word so I can be reassured that he will someday be able to speak. Above all else that is the most important thing to me. A person can go through life without the ability to walk and do just fine for his or her self. But not being able to communicate in some form or another is debilitating to a person. If he can just do that, I know he will be okay.

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