Monday, October 22, 2007

We read a book together

Long ago Thomas developed a love for books. As soon as he learned to turn the pages himself he no longer had the patience to sit and allow me to read the story to him. It has been well over a year since I have been able to sit with him and read him a book. Well, today he actually let me read him TWO books! He sat next to me for the first one, giggling and bouncing as I read and turning the pages for me when it was appropriate to do so. Toward the end he got a little antsy and wanted to turn the pages faster than I could read them, but I made him stick it out and we finished the book the right way.

Later he was upset over something so I pulled out another book and began to read. He quieted down and I pulled him onto my lap and continued reading. He turned the pages for me at all the right spots and listened quietly as the tears dried on his face. When we were done I told him what a big boy he was and how much I enjoyed reading to him.

At the beginning of October his teacher sent home with him a blank form. The form was intended to have listed all the books parent and child read together for the month of October. I knew this was one homework assignment I would fail to accomplish unless I fudged the results. I couldn't bring myself to do that though, so the list has sat on the counter, mocking me for the past 22 days. Today I get to write TWO titles on that list. Two! If I'm lucky I'll get to write even more on it tomorrow.

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