Monday, October 22, 2007

Persistance Pays Off


Thomas was evaluated for speech therapy today at school and the note from the teacher says that the therapist will be working with him in the classroom. So I am assuming that means he is getting speech therapy!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little background:
Thomas has been going to Early On since he was one year old. This was at the same school where he attended his first, and now his second, year of preschool. Since he turned two I have been asking, and then begging, for him to receive speech therapy. The reply I always got was that his speech level was on par with the rest of his development so he didn't qualify. HUH? That didn't make sense to me. His physical development should have nothing to do with his speech development. His motor delays were caused by his CP and poor muscle control and spasticity in his legs. Why would they even associate his speech with his ability to control his larger muscles. In my opinion because he WAS receiving occupational and physical therapy, it only made sense he should get speech too. UGH! So frustrating. But all that doesn't matter because he is getting it now! Finally!

I had asked to have him evaluated by a different speech therapist than the one who had done it previously since obviously I didn't agree with her assessment. So they had the one I had requested, plus the one who had done it prior, evaluate him together. The one I didn't want is the one who will be giving him therapy. But at least he is getting it. They are both supposed to give me suggestions on things to work on at home with him.

I am just over the moon right now!

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