Monday, January 14, 2008

He said it...

He said it...

The word I've been waiting for was finally, FINALLY, uttered from the sweet lips of my baby boy.


One word. One sweet word from my amazing guy.

A day I prayed for. A day I hoped for. A day I wished for with all my heart but was never sure it would really come.

But it did, and I realize that I need to keep on praying. Keep on hoping. Keep on wishing with all my heart and believing that the days will come when he will do the things I long for him to do.

It happened Thursday afternoon. I was working on a website for a new client but Thomas wanted to look at the Nissan website on my laptop. So I pulled it up for him and we looked through all the available models. While we were looking I received an email so I quickly clicked over to see what it was. This did not sit well with Thomas, who was not quite finished looking at the cars. So he began to get an attitude, as most soon-to-be five-year-olds will do. I turned to him and said, say "mama" and we can look at the cars again. Some more whining ensued, but a moment later he looked straight into my eyes and said "Mama."

Of course then I was too excited to switch screens, hugging and kissing him, cheering and applauding his accomplishment. All the while encouraging him to say it again. No such luck. Each request for the word mama was returned by Thomas with a kiss. Kisses are nice too, but I was on a "mama" high and wanted to hear it again. However I do know when to stop pressing my luck, so I returned to the Nissan website and we continued browsing for Thomas' dream car.

A few hours later he was at the dinner table, and he ran out of juice. Next thing you know I hear "mamamamamamama." So this time I was low-key about it and just refilled his juice. Okay, I did ask him to say "mama" before I refilled it. And he did answer me with "umma." Close enough kiddo, close enough.

After that requests for "mama" to be said were met with "babababa" or just plain old fashioned gobbledegook. Although I did get one more mama at random from across the room.

The next morning Thomas woke up way too early for any civilized human being to wake up. As I groggily got him some breakfast and strapped him into his booster seat, I kept asking him to say mama. Hey, it was 4 a.m. If he could wake me at that ungodly hour I had the right to make my request! Nothing doing though, so I came back to my couch and laid down where I could still watch him, and promptly dozed off. A short while later I awoke to "Mamamamamamama!" So I hopped up, did a happy dance, and went and got my big, sweet, wonderful, amazing boy down from his chair and smothered him with kisses and hugs before I let him down to play.

What an amazing little boy I have, don't you agree?

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