Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go Talk Communication Device

Recently Thomas received an early birthday present. It is a communication device called a "Go Talk". Basically there are pictures placed in front of buttons. I can record a word so that when he pushes the corresponding picture, the word will play. I have programmed it with the words "Yes" "No" "More" and "Potty". The idea is to teach him to use the buttons to communicate, which will cut back on the frustration of figuring out what he wants, or doesn't want, and it will actually help with his speech in the long run.

Anyway, Thomas was sitting up at the table eating a snack this morning. I was working on my laptop sitting next to him. The "Go Talk" was near him and he pushed the "potty" button. So I said, "Do you have to go potty? if you push that button that means I have to take you to the potty." He pushed it again. So I took him into the bathroom. He sat on the potty and we read his book 3 or 4 times. I asked him twice if he was ready to get down and he pushed the "no" button. I left the bathroom to get a different book and when I came back I smelled something not-so-rosey. So I asked him if he made a stinky. I scootched him forward so I could see and sure enough, he'd made a poop on the potty!!!

This child amazes me every single day. I almost can't wait to wake up to see what else he is going to do!

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