Monday, January 21, 2008

Whoohooo! He did it again... ;o)

This morning Thomas woke up at the crazy hour of 2 a.m. Around 2:45 he wanted up at the table for some food, so I put him up in his chair and laid myself back down on the couch. A short while later he was whining to get down, so I asked "Thomas, do you want down?" And he reached over and pushed "yes" on his GoTalk. So I got up and let him down.

At around 4:15 he wanted back up at the table to eat breakfast. So I put him up and got him some more food, then I went and laid back down on the couch again. I snoozed, and a few minutes later woke to a lot of whining. So I asked "do you want to get down?" Nothing but more whining. So again I asked "Thomas, do you want to get down, press the button and tell me." So he looks at the GoTalk board, reaches over and presses "potty".

Okay, I was a little skeptical about this, but since he actually did check out the GoTalk board first and pushed that button after some deep thought, I got up and took him into the bathroom. I sat him on the potty, read his book a few times, and he actually went poop on the potty again!!

So it wasn't just a fluke!! How exciting is this? I envision no more poopy diapers, and after almost five years of them, that is a wonderful vision!!

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Julie said...

Way to go Thomas. You are and amazing Kid.