Friday, May 16, 2008

To the clinic we go...

We are off yet again to the burn clinic. I cancelled last week's appointment and rescheduled for today. Unfortunately I did so while on my way to work and can't remember the exact time of the appointment. I'm sure they'll see us whenever we show up. I think it was around 10 or 10:30.

This will probably be the last visit. Thomas' foot has healed so nicely, it still has a ways to go but I think we are out of the scary part of worrying about infection and onto the part where it is more nuisance than anything else. Right now it looks like a big bruise. I find this odd, but have no experience with second degree burns and their healing process. I hope this is a normal stage as the blood begins working it's way through the new skin growth. We shall see.

Still Thomas acts like the burn never happened. He tolerates the twice a day bandage changes and doesn't even flinch when I have to wipe at the wound to get all the "gunk" (that's the technical term) off of it.

He's so strong.

I will take a picture of the burn at the clinic and post it in all it's ugly bruised-ness (That is too a word, at least in the momofthomas dictionary) and post it later.

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