Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Friends

We went to a party at our friend's new house yesterday. Some of the wife's relatives that we haven't met showed up and I gotta say I LOVED their little girls. The littlest one thought Thomas was just the greatest thing and everywhere he would crawl she would get down on all fours and follow, then try to do everything he did. It was adorable. She was smitten. Then the older girl (4) had brought a bunch of books with her. well Thomas loves books so he was drawn to her. At first she hurried up and put them all away and hid them. Later in the house she asked me to read one to her so I was, then Thomas came up wanting to look at her books (they were Clifford, one of his new favorites after Curious George) so she shared with him. She'd allow him one at a time, and he figured out right away that he had to give the last one back before he could get another one. It was cute.

Most kids will try to engage Thomas at first, but will soon realize he can't play with them in the usual ways (or won't, whatever) and they will give up. The fact that these girls adapted their play to fit him just warmed my heart. it is honsetly hard to find kids like that. and honestly Thomas usually just ignores other kids anyway. but there was another little boy there who we see occasionally who had a ball and whenever it would go by Thomas, he (thomas) would try to get it to throw to the boy. well this boy wanted nothing to do with that, he'd run over and snatch the ball back. That is the behaviour I am used to. It breaks my heart when kids act like that. I know they are just little and most haven't been taught any better, but it still hurts. Luckily Thomas is a happy-go-lucky kid and it didn't bother him that the boy did that. But someday it will, and that is a day I dread. how am I supposed to explain that to him?


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