Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smarty Pants

I have always known Thomas was smarter than anyone gave him credit for, but his recent accomplishments have surprised even me. Mr. Man has discovered the joy of pointing. He gets that little finger out and just starts pointing away. He loves to point to objects, colors, characters, etc. and have whoever is nearby tell him what they are. Now comes the smarty pants part. Thanks to his newly found skill, Thomas is able to demonstrate just how smart he is. If I ask him "where's red?" he will find something red in his book or on his sheet of colors and point to it. He can do this for red, blue, black, yellow, green, pink, brown, gray, orange, and purple. He can correctly identify about a dozen different animals. He knows all his Disney characters, and of course all the Wiggles and their Wiggly Friends.

Is this kid a genius or what? ;o)

Seriously, I did not know just how smart he was. I'm in shock and awe of his brain power. I have always known he had it in him and have also known he just needed a way to get it out. Now that he's found that way I am over the moon, and so is he! He is so proud to point and show everyone everything he knows.

The smile that lights his face could light the world.

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